“Feedback,” New Era, July 1972, 2


New Era helps communication

Congratulations! I wanted to let you know what a fine magazine you are producing.

Being an elder in the area I am in, it seems the job of encouraging our membership never ends. We have 3 Anglo members and 28 Lamanite members in a 150-mile radius. Thus, communication with our branch is difficult. The New Era is a great spiritual help. Thanks.

Elder Gary McAndrews
Carlyle, Saskatchewan, Canada

Turning around

I love your magazine! The March issue arrived in the post yesterday, and as is my habit, I paged through before starting to read.

I got to page 48 (“Turning Around”), and everything about it was super. The hair style, the clothes, the shoes—in fashion but just super. The article is just as super. Sally, may God bless you. Keep up the good work—I for one really appreciate it.

Judy Bray
Krugersdorp, South Africa

Change the “N” to a “D”

I received my first copy of the New Era about one week after I was baptized this March. Thank you so much for so many interesting and educational articles. The “Change the ‘N’ to a ‘D’” by Peggy Hawkins in your April issue gave me so many original ideas for my wardrobe that I sat down and began to attempt to implement them. I feel and look better than I have in a long time. Thank you.

Helen A. Whitson
Grants, New Mexico

Returned servicemen

My heart went out to all ex-servicemen when I read the article in the May issue of the New Era entitled “The Returned Serviceman—A Stepchild?” I think each one of us should look up to these young men who have given several years of their lives to serve their country. Being a soldier or marine is probably one of the most difficult tasks any young man can face during his lifetime, and if we could feel a little empathy for them, we might not be so quick to judge as to whether their lives have been parallel with our standards or not!

Idaho State University, thank you for opening your eyes to this situation—let’s hope others follow your example. Returned servicemen—we love you; welcome home!

Anne Black
Salt Lake City

Q&A: Questions and Answers

Being a new convert in the Church, I want to tell you how much the New Era has helped me. It has answered many of my questions about the Church and its policies. I particularly enjoy the Q&A: Questions and Answers section, as well as every article I’ve read.

Carolyn Holland
Novato, California

Problems not ignored

I’m eighteen, and I find the New Era well written and especially appealing to youth. It presents ideas on current problems that are extremely polemic, and, therefore, often ignored. It’s refreshing to find a straightforward approach to today’s events.

Camille Stilson
Orangeville, Utah

How to gain and hold onto your testimony

Just a few words to express the great feeling I’ve had in reading the New Era. Most of all, I was touched with the inspired message by Bishop Robert L. Simpson in the March issue. The impact of his message opened my mind to the importance of being spiritually born and also noticing a change take place, as Alma mentions in Alma 5:14. This can only happen when a person studies the scriptures, listens to the prophets, and, most of all, prays. We not only have to have a testimony of the Lord, but must know that he speaks to his prophets today.

Elder Jeff B. Marler
Scotland Mission

Punch and cookies

I’m a senior in high school, and for a project in English we were asked to read some articles from any magazine and write our opinion on them. I’m really overjoyed that he asked this of us. It gave me the opportunity to read the article “Punch and Cookies Forever” in your March issue. It really made me stop and realize the importance of temple marriage and how much more knowledge I could get from reading the New Era. Thanks.

Terese Mason
Spokane, Washington

Thor Heyerdahl

I want to commend you on your interview with Dr. Heyerdahl in the April issue of the New Era. I greatly enjoyed it. Congratulations on a truly great magazine.

Robin Nesbit
Pitman, New Jersey

A missionary help

I am presently serving in the England North Mission, and the work is fantastic. We always use articles and stories out of the Church publications in our teaching, and boy, do the people love them. Me too! I think they are so very cool. My testimony has really grown while I’ve been out here in the field, and the New Era has been one of the sources that has helped me grow.

When we meet people, we use the articles “Dear Dad” and “The Unspoken Words” from the October magazine and then show the film “Man’s Search For Happiness”; these two things open the way for the gospel to be taught. Keep up the great work.

Elder N. Scott Nelson
England North Mission


Thank you so much for the New Era, and the way you make me realize that good, clean things are the best things in my life. Thank you.

Linda Lee Rubert
Twin Falls, Idaho

I really enjoy reading the New Era. I finish reading it in a few days then have to wait so long for my next issue. I am a student at the University of New Mexico. I attend the institute there. It’s really far out, and we have good times. Thanks again for publishing such a great magazine.

Tommie Sue Wooley
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thus far it has been impossible for me to read any article published in the New Era without feeling the overpowering sweetness of the witness of the Holy Ghost. Thanks for all the sharing.

C. Anson Kibby
Scott City, Kansas

Living in a tropical country, I could hardly believe finding any relation between the Brazilian youth and youth from Alaska, but that’s just what happened when I read the New Era. It’s really hard to live in a city where only ten thousand of its 6.5 million inhabitants are Mormons. I want to tell you how wonderful this magazine is and how it really helps to build the testimony of Church youth.

Wilson Duffle
Sao Paulo, Brazil