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How to Use This Resource Guide
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“How to Use This Resource Guide,” Teaching, No Greater Call: A Resource Guide for Gospel Teaching (1999), iii–iv

“How to Use This Resource Guide,” Teaching, No Greater Call, iii–iv

How to Use This Resource Guide

Who should use this resource guide?

This resource guide is for all who teach the gospel, including:

  • Parents.

  • Classroom teachers.

  • Priesthood and auxiliary leaders.

  • Home teachers and visiting teachers.

What does this resource guide contain?

Teaching, No Greater Call contains guidelines and suggestions related to teaching, as shown in the following outline:

Part A

Your Call to Teach

This part of the book explains the importance of gospel teaching in God’s plan. It also includes helps on how individuals can prepare to teach the gospel.

Part B

Basic Principles of Gospel Teaching

This part of the book helps build a foundation for all gospel teaching.

Part C

Teaching Different Age-Groups

This part of the book provides information and suggestions for teaching the gospel to children, youth, and adults.

Part D

Teaching in the Home

This part of the book provides help for parents to teach the gospel to their children. It also includes suggestions for home teachers and visiting teachers.

Part E

Teaching in Leadership Settings

This part of the book helps priesthood and auxiliary leaders understand their vital responsibility to teach.

Part F

Methods of Teaching

This part of the book describes a variety of different methods that teachers can use to enrich lesson presentations.

Part G

The Teaching the Gospel Course

This part of the book includes twelve lessons that prepare individuals to teach the gospel. The lessons are designed to be taught as part of an organized class. They may also be studied individually or as a family.

How should this resource guide be used?

Teaching, No Greater Call is designed as a resource guide rather than a book to be read cover to cover. It is intended to be used as:

  • A personal study guide.

  • A resource for teacher improvement meetings.

  • The manual for the Teaching the Gospel course.

  • A resource for leaders as they work with teachers in their organizations.

To gain the greatest benefit from the book, teachers should:

  • Review the items listed in the table of contents.

  • Study the articles that address their particular interests or needs at the time.

For example, parents may want to make better use of teaching moments to help their children grow spiritually. Part D, “Teaching in the Home,” includes an article titled “Teaching Moments in Family Life,” which discusses how to recognize teaching moments and teach principles that children are ready to learn. Teachers may want to include a greater variety of teaching methods in their lessons. The articles in Part B under “Use Effective Methods” provide helpful ideas on how to select and use different teaching methods.

As teachers use Teaching, No Greater Call in this way, it will become an important resource in their ongoing efforts to improve their teaching.

Superseded Publications

This book replaces the following publications:

  • All previous versions of Teaching—No Greater Call

  • The How Book for Teaching Children

  • Primary Sharing Time Resource Manual

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