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35: Church Resources for Teaching the Gospel
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“35: Church Resources for Teaching the Gospel,” Teaching, No Greater Call: A Resource Guide for Gospel Teaching (1999), 105

“35,” Teaching, No Greater Call, 105


Church Resources for Teaching the Gospel

The Church provides many resources to help parents, teachers, and leaders teach the gospel. The scriptures are the curriculum of the Church and the most important of these resources. Other resources include:

  • Teaching, No Greater Call

  • Teaching Guidebook

  • The “Gospel Teaching and Leadership” section of the Church Handbook of Instructions

  • Family Home Evening Resource Book

  • Gospel Principles

  • Scripture Stories

  • Lesson manuals

  • Church magazines (check these magazines regularly for stories and other ideas)

  • Gospel Art Picture Kit (a collection of pictures that includes depictions of scripture stories and events, Presidents of the Church, and gospel principles in action)

  • Other pictures and posters

  • The Church hymnbook

  • Children’s Songbook

  • Church-produced videocassettes and audiocassettes

Meetinghouse Library

If your meetinghouse has a library, it may contain most or all of these resources. To learn more about the materials available in your meetinghouse library, speak with the meetinghouse librarian.

Your meetinghouse librarian or ward clerk should have a copy of the Church Materials Catalog that you can use. This catalog is an annual publication that lists the items available from Church distribution centers. In addition to the items listed on this page, the catalog lists other materials that support Church members.

Your meetinghouse library may also have copies of the Index to Periodicals of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is a cumulative index to the periodicals published by the Church. The periodicals indexed are the Ensign, New Era, and Friend magazines; conference reports; and the Church News.