Young Single Adults
Implement Solutions

“Implement Solutions,” Strengthening Young Single Adults (2022)

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Implement Solutions

As you implement a solution, work closely with local leaders (such as the stake presidency and stake Relief Society presidency). Consider how to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution over time. Find out what people are experiencing as a result of the solution.


  • Don’t worry if things do not work out exactly as you hoped. Learn from setbacks. Discuss as a committee how to improve on what you have developed, and go back and listen to the young single adults in your area if you need more information.

  • Before moving forward to implement your approved solution, you should be united as a committee. You may not agree on everything, but you should all be committed to the solution.

  • Don’t rush things. Often, deciding what to do and how to do it will take discussion, prayer, collaboration, and planning. All of these take time. Be patient with leaders and committee members through this process and accept the Lord’s timing.