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Resources for Ministering

“Resources for Ministering with Strengthened Melchizedek Priesthood Quorums and Relief Societies”

“Resources for Ministering”

Resources for Ministering with Strengthened Melchizedek Priesthood Quorums and Relief Societies

These resources assist leaders as they prepare to provide instruction and as they lead discussions in area councils, coordinating councils, stake conferences, stake councils, ward councils, and Sunday lessons.

Suggestions for Using These Resources

In a council meeting, leaders might begin the discussion of changes announced at the April 2018 general conference by reading the introductory section of the enclosure included with the First Presidency letter of April 2, 2018, “Ministering with Strengthened Melchizedek Priesthood Quorums and Relief Societies” (see ministering.ChurchofJesusChrist.org).

Council members could also view and discuss the video A Vision of Ministering (see “Videos” below). Additional videos and other resources are provided to enhance this discussion and may be used in future council meetings or other settings. Each segment in the Effective Ministering video is followed by a question that the group may discuss.


The following videos include clips from the April 2018 general conference and from general conference leadership meetings with General Authorities, Area Seventies, and General Officers.

A Vision of Ministering (4:41)

Effective Ministering (15:01) contains the following segments:

  1. Why We Minister” (2:43). Question: Why do we minister?

  2. Simple, Individualized, and Led by the Spirit” (2:20). Question: How can we keep our efforts simple and led by the Spirit?

  3. Overview of Ministering Interviews” (3:53). Question: How can effective ministering interviews bless individuals and families?

  4. One Coordinated Effort” (2:49). Question: How can one coordinated effort help us care for all of God’s children?

  5. Invitation to Act” (3:24). Question: How can we best implement the vision of ministering provided by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles?

Ministering Interviews (19:18)

Scripture References

Matthew 10:39; 22:37–39; Luke 22:32; John 10:11; 13:34; 21:15–16; Galatians 5:13; Mosiah 23:18; Doctrine and Covenants 20:51–53

Additional Resources

  • The May 2018 issues of the Liahona and Ensign magazines and comefollowme.ChurchofJesusChrist.org provide resources that can be used in fourth-Sunday discussions about ministering in elders quorum and Relief Society meetings.

  • Additional information, titled “Ministering Principles,” will be included in upcoming issues of the Liahona and Ensign.