This Is Ministering

“Therefore they did watch over their people, and did nourish them with things pertaining to righteousness.” —Mosiah 23:18

Everyday Ministering


Supporting Each Other in Our Efforts to Use Media Wisely
Liahona , March 2021
Ministering to Those with Financial Challenges
Liahona, February 2021
Be With and Strengthen One Another
Liahona, January 2021
Sharing the Savior’s Light at Christmas
Liahona, December 2020
Ministering through the Children and Youth Program
Liahona, October 2020
Ministering through Come, Follow Me
Liahona, September 2020
Ministering through Self-Reliance
Liahona, August 2020
Ministering through Church Activities
Liahona, July 2020
Ministering through Sacrament Meeting
Liahona, June 2020
Ministering through General Conference
Liahona, April 2020
Ministering through Temple Service
Liahona, March 2020
Ministering through Family History
Liahona , February 2020
Gathering Israel through Ministering
Liahona , January 2020
Sharing the Light of Christ
Liahona, December 2019
Rejoicing in Our Blessings
Liahona, October 2019
Responding to the Spirit
Liahona, September 2019
Allowing Others to Change
Liahona, August 2019
Including Others
Liahona, July 2019
Seeing Others like the Savior
Liahona, June 2019
Making Ministering Joyful
Liahona, April 2019
Share Testimony Naturally
Liahona, March 2019
Developing Empathy
Liahona, February 2019
Assisting with Conversion
Liahona, January 2019
Communicate That You Care
Liahona, December 2018
Getting Help to Help Others
Liahona, October 2018
Counsel about Their Needs
Liahona, September 2018
Building Meaningful Relationships
Liahona, August 2018
Reach Out in Compassion
Liahona, July 2018
Five Things Good Listeners Do
Liahona, June 2018

Stake and Ward Leaders