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“Get Started!” Personal Development: Youth Guidebook (2019)

“Get Started!” Personal Development: Youth Guidebook

Get Started!

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Try using the pattern of Discover, Plan, Act, and Reflect to help you follow the Savior’s example as you grow. Consider creating goals in each of the four areas to keep your life balanced. You can use the following pages to guide you. Or you can use another journal or goal-setting method that works well for you.

Remember, your growth is up to you, but you aren’t meant to do it alone. Your Heavenly Father wants to help you, and you can ask your parents, leaders, and friends for help. Look for opportunities to help others in their growth as well. Heavenly Father wants His children to love and support each other.


What do you feel you should learn or improve? Write down impressions and ideas as you think about questions like these: How can I develop my talents? What do I like to do? What responsibilities do I have right now? How can I recognize the Holy Ghost? Who can I serve?

An illustration of Jesus Christ reaching out to a boy. it is in a circle with four section around the image.


Examples: Keep a journal, pray every morning, study the scriptures daily, keep the Sabbath day holy


Examples: Serve others, avoid gossip, make new friends


Examples: Develop a hobby or skill, practice teaching, learn how to budget


Examples: Make and eat healthy food, exercise, clean or improve your surroundings


My goal:

Why is this important to me?

How will this help me to become more like Jesus Christ?

How I will do it:

What are some smaller steps or actions I can take to work toward my goal?

Date/How Often

Date/How Often

Date/How Often

Who can help me?


  • What am I learning?

  • What adjustments do I need to make?


  • What have I learned?

  • How am I closer to the Savior?

  • How can I use what I’ve learned to serve others?

Date finished:

I will celebrate my growth by:


What will I do next?

Go back to the Discover form for ideas.