Ideas for Growing in All Areas of Life

“Ideas for Growing in All Areas of Life,” Personal Development: Children’s Guidebook (2019)

“Ideas for Growing in All Areas of Life,” Personal Development: Children’s Guidebook

Ideas for Growing in All Areas of Life

The following pages have ideas for how you can follow the Savior and grow in all areas of your life. You do not have to use these—the best ideas may be your own! Pray about what you can work on right now.

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Luke 2:52 Grid

Ideas for Spiritual Growth

What Are Your Ideas?


Read the Book of Mormon Every Day

Woman reading a book

Make a habit of reading every day, even if it is just a few verses.

Prepare to Go to the Temple

Church buildings and temples

Learn and live “My Gospel Standards” (page 63), and invite others to do the same.

Learn the Articles of Faith

Boy with numbers

Memorize the Articles of Faith (page 62), and learn what they mean.

Improve Your Prayers

Woman reading a book

Before you pray, think about what you are grateful for and what you need help with.

Thank Heavenly Father for Your Blessings

To do list

Write down three things you are thankful for. Try to write three new things each day.

Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

family walking

Decide what you can start doing or stop doing to make the Sabbath a special day.

Serve Someone


Look for ways to help someone in your family, at school, or at church.

Do Family History

A couple walking together.

Write a letter to a grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Ask them to tell you a story about when they were your age.

Share the Gospel

Three women walking together

Talk to a friend about the gospel. Invite your friend to church or to an activity.

Teach the Gospel

Family reading a book on a couch

Teach your favorite scripture story to your family. Act it out or draw pictures to help you teach.

Sing a Primary Song

Man playing guitar

Sing with a family member. Notice how listening to good music makes you feel.

Ideas for Social Growth

What Are Your Ideas?

A woman kneeling in prayer.

Learn about the Family

Family with a list

Read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World,” and talk to your parents about what you learned.

Show Love to Your Family

Family at a dinner table

Do something nice for people in your family.

Include Others

Two women walking

Find ways to spend time with or serve someone who might feel left out or who might need your friendship.

Learn about Other Cultures

Woman with a Llamas

Read about other cultures, talk to people from other countries, or go to a cultural celebration near you.

Serve Your Neighbors

Women folding clothes

With your parents or leaders, do something in your community to help people in need.

Learn to Apologize and Forgive

A mother with her children.

Act out situations where someone needs to apologize or forgive. Practice how to share your feelings and respond.

Learn about Your Community

Children with balloons and walking a dog.

Visit a police station, fire station, or other community service. Learn about what they do, and thank them for their service.

Make a New Friend

Father pushing daughter on a swing.

Introduce yourself to someone new, and invite the person to play with you.

Speak Kind Words

Smiley Face

Practice using only words that would make someone happy, not sad. Talk about what you can say if someone says unkind words to you.

Control Your Temper

Sad and happy thoughts

Practice calming down when you feel angry. For example, take deep breaths, count to 10, or imagine you are in a favorite place.

Welcome Others

Two women greeting each other.

Introduce yourself to someone new in your school, neighborhood, or ward or branch. Help this person meet other people.

Ideas for Physical Growth

What Are Your Ideas?

A man kneeling and praying.

Learn to Cook

A woman carrying a tray with watermelon on it.

Help to prepare a healthy meal or snack. Share it with your family or friends.

Make Your Body Strong

Children playing

Do something regularly to move your body, like sports, dance, exercise, or playing outside.

Show Respect for Your Body

Brushing hair and brushing teeth

Keep your body clean every day. Bathe regularly. Brush your teeth and care for your hair each day.

Care for Your Home

A girl putting trash into a recycle bin

Do something to help make your home a nice place to live, such as cleaning, decorating, or yard work.

Take Care of the Things You Own

People placing items on a shelf.

Ask your parents to teach you how to repair or take care of the things you use.

Learn a New Art Skill

A woman painting a picture.

Draw, paint, or sketch a picture, and give it to someone you love.

Learn a New Music Skill

A man playing a guitar.

Learn how to sing a song, play an instrument, or conduct music. Offer to share your skill in home evening or another activity.

Obey the Word of Wisdom

A person sitting at a desk with a book.

Read Doctrine and Covenants 89 to see what Heavenly Father promises if you keep the Word of Wisdom. Decide how you can better live it.

Enjoy Time Outdoors

A family hiking

Go on a walk or hike with family or friends to explore the world around you.

Share Your Talents

Playing a trumpet

Share one of your talents with someone who is lonely.

Prepare for Emergencies

Three people looking at a map

Make a plan with your parents or leaders for what to do in an emergency.

Ideas for Intellectual Growth

What Are Your Ideas?


Learn about Tithing

A girl hands an envelop to a church leader

Learn why it is important to pay tithing. Give ten percent of your income to the Lord.

Improve Your Reading Skills

Mother and Daughter

Read a book about a new subject, or read a book that is longer than you normally read.

Learn How to Be Safe Online

Mother and Father standing next to their daughter as she looks at a computer monitor

Make a list of your family’s rules for using the internet or apps.

Learn Something New

A person holding a book

Choose something you’re interested in, and learn everything you can about it.

Attend or Watch Cultural Events

Mother and Daughter walking hand in hand

Visit a museum or cultural event in your area. Talk to your friends or family about something new you learned.

Learn about Different Jobs

Father and Son

Visit someone you know at their work to learn what they do and how things work.

Learn about People You Admire

Son talking to his father

This could be a person you know or someone from history or the scriptures. Decide how you can be more like them.

Learn How to Make Good Choices

A drawing of faces and hearts on a piece of paper

All choices have consequences, which are things that happen as a result of what you do. Make a list of some choices and their consequences.

Improve Your Memory

Man thinking

Memorize a favorite scripture, poem, or song.

Learn a New Language

Girl wearing a backpack with a smart phone.

Learn to say hello and other basic words in another language. Practice with someone who speaks that language, if possible.

Write a Story

A man sitting at a desk

Write a story about your life or about a family member.