A Pattern for Growth

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“A Pattern for Growth,” Personal Development: Children’s Guidebook (2019)

“A Pattern for Growth,” Personal Development: Children’s Guidebook

A Pattern for Growth

CYD Discover, Plan, Act, Reflect Circle

This pattern can help you grow in the four areas that Jesus did (see Luke 2:52).

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Discover, Plan, Act, Reflect Wheel


CYD Materials

Heavenly Father has given you gifts and talents. You can pray to learn what they are and what you can work on right now.

Find ideas on pages 44–61.


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After you discover how you want to grow, pray and talk to your family about how to do it. Make a plan. Your parents and leaders can help you.


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After you make your plan, try it out! Take small steps. Learn with others through service and activities. Have fun! Pray for help, and change your plan if you need to. Keep trying!


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Think about what you have learned and how it has helped you follow Jesus. Celebrate! Thank Heavenly Father for how you’ve grown. Find ways to use what you have learned to serve others. Keep going with this idea, or choose something new to work on!