Introduction to Scripture Mastery

“Introduction to Scripture Mastery,” New Testament Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students (2016)

“Introduction to Scripture Mastery,” New Testament Study Guide

Introduction to Scripture Mastery

Seminaries and Institutes of Religion has selected 25 scripture mastery passages for each of the four courses of study in seminary. These 100 passages provide an important scriptural foundation for understanding and sharing the gospel and for strengthening faith.

You are encouraged to develop a mastery of these passages. Mastery of scripture passages includes the following:

  • Locating the verses by knowing the associated scripture references

  • Understanding the context and content of the scripture passages

  • Applying the gospel doctrines and principles taught in the scripture passages

  • Memorizing the passages

In this study guide you will study each of the 25 scripture mastery passage as it arises in the New Testament course of study. Mastering scripture passages takes effort on your part. Consistency and repetition in learning scripture mastery will help you place truths in your long-term memory for future use. You could decide to spend a few minutes each day reviewing scripture mastery passages. Look for opportunities to use them as you explain basic doctrines of the gospel to others.