Introduction to Basic Doctrines

“Introduction to Basic Doctrines,” New Testament Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students (2016)

“Introduction to Basic Doctrines,” New Testament Study Guide

Introduction to Basic Doctrines

The following is a list of Basic Doctrines of the gospel:

  • Godhead

  • Plan of salvation

  • Atonement of Jesus Christ

  • Dispensation, apostasy, and restoration

  • Prophets and revelation

  • Priesthood and priesthood keys

  • Ordinances and covenants

  • Marriage and family

  • Commandments

As you study the scriptures, seek to identify, understand, believe, explain, and apply these basic doctrines of the gospel. Doing so will help you strengthen your testimony and increase your appreciation for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Learning the Basic Doctrines will also help you be better prepared to live the gospel and teach these important truths to others. Other significant doctrines of the gospel will also be emphasized in this manual, even though they are not listed among the Basic Doctrines.