My Plan Worksheet

    My Plan Worksheet

    During the next few weeks you will use this worksheet to revise the plan you prepared on your mission or to create a life plan now that you are home.

    1. What were the most important lessons I learned on my mission?

    2. What are some of the most fundamental priorities of my life?

    3. What is God’s purpose for my life? What will I do with my potential?

    4. What challenges do I face in realizing my purpose?

    5. What motivates me to overcome temptation and live righteously so the Lord can guide and strengthen me?

    6. How will these skills help me succeed in my education and future employment?

    7. How much money does a family in my area need each month to live a safe, modest life?

    8. Write three jobs that interest you. Try to speak with people who do these jobs. Ask them, “What education, training, and experience were required for you to be hired. What are the most exciting and difficult parts of this job? Does this job provide enough income to support a family?”

    9. Where do I want to be spiritually and temporally in one year? In five years? Why?

    10. How am I working with the Lord to solve my problems?

    11. What habits from my mission do I want to continue now that I’m home? Who can help me and hold me accountable?

    12. What counsel did I receive from my mission president?

    13. What am I doing each day to feel the Spirit in my life?

    Identify some of the skills you developed or strengthened on your mission.

    Language skills

    Approaching strangers

    Positive attitude


    Persistence (the ability to handle rejection)

    Teaching new ideas

    Training others



    Getting along with others

    Responsibility for others

    Finding people to teach

    Solving problems




    Physical endurance and stamina


    Building relationships of trust


    Good character

    Leading meetings

    Public speaking

    Setting goals


    Planning and organizing

    Managing time

    Listening well

    Work ethic


    Reading skills

    Study skills


    Receiving revelation

    Relying on the Lord’s timing