The following actions will help you come unto Christ and continue on a lifelong path of discipleship.

    1. Be true and faithful to your covenants.

    2. Seek personal revelation about your life’s mission. Seek and receive guidance from the Lord by studying the Book of Mormon daily, frequently reviewing your patriarchal blessing, and worshipping in the temple.

    3. Obey the Lord’s commandments and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

    4. Find a mentor. Discuss your goals with him or her and seek regular counsel and advice.

    5. Set goals and work diligently to accomplish them.

    6. Plan and work to become self-reliant. Commit to taking responsibility for your spiritual and temporal self-reliance throughout your life. Begin charting a course to self-reliance. If you live in an area with a stake self-reliance resource center, join a self-reliance group.

    7. Search for opportunities to serve.

    confident young woman