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Getting Started

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“Getting Started,” My Calling as a Young Women Adviser or Specialist (2020).

“Getting Started,” My Calling as a Young Women Adviser or Specialist.

My Calling as a Young Women Adviser or Specialist

Getting Started

From the Young Women General Presidency

Young Women General Presidency, 2018

Dear Young Women Adviser or Specialist,

Thank you for accepting the call to serve in Young Women. We are excited for you to begin this wonderful journey. We know that Heavenly Father loves His daughters dearly, and He loves you! He will bless you as you draw nearer to Him and help the young women you serve do the same.

This is a glorious time to serve in the Young Women organization. President Russell M. Nelson has lifted our vision to a higher and holier way to serve, and he has called on our youth to be active participants in the work. As you ponder your new responsibilities, you will realize that your calling is not a list of things to do for young women. It is an opportunity to guide and nurture young women as they become covenant women of God. Their time in the Young Women program is a time for them to gain confidence in their ability to:

  • Seek personal revelation and respond to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

  • Act on the doctrine they are learning and the covenant they made at baptism to follow God’s plan.

  • Minister to one another with Christlike love.

  • Stand as witnesses of God “at all times and in all things, and in all places” (Mosiah 18:9) as they actively engage in gathering Israel and building the kingdom of God.

You will be assigned by the Young Women presidency to work with a specific Young Women class, and you will have the important task of mentoring the class presidency. These capable young women have been called by revelation and set apart by priesthood authority. They need the experience and opportunity to lead. Teach them how to serve under the direction of the Spirit. Nurture them as they learn to lead in the Savior’s way. Help them succeed.

Your love for the young women will touch their hearts. Because of your love, they will be better able to recognize the love of their Father in Heaven and their Savior, Jesus Christ.

We know that this is the Lord’s work and that He will assist you. Heavenly Father will help you to see His precious daughters as He sees them. He will direct you and magnify your efforts as you devote your time and love to the work. We pray that you will feel the joy of working with young women and the peace of serving the Lord to the best of your ability.

With love,

Bonnie H. Cordon

Michelle D. Craig

Becky Craven

The Young Women General Presidency

New York

You Are Not Alone

You have been called to minister to the young women in your ward. As a newly called Young Women adviser or specialist, you will likely feel a range of emotions about your responsibilities. Remember that you are not alone. This calling is a partnership with the Lord. As you seek the Lord’s guidance in serving the young women in your ward, He will magnify your efforts at home and in your calling. You will feel His love for you, for the young women, and for their families. You will feel great joy as you serve Heavenly Father’s precious daughters.

Where to Start

Before You Are Sustained

  • Seek guidance from the Spirit through prayer, scripture study, fasting, and, if possible, temple attendance.

  • Read “Young Women,” chapter 11 in General Handbook: Serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (, especially the purpose and objectives of the Young Women organization (see 11.1.1) and the Young Women Theme (see 11.1.2). Also review chapters 1–4 in the General Handbook, which summarize the doctrinal foundation of God’s plan and give more guidance.

  • Seek to understand your responsibilities as a Young Women adviser or specialist (see General Handbook, 11.3.4; 11.3.7).

After You Are Sustained and Set Apart

  • With so many responsibilities, remember that your family is your first priority.

  • Continue to pray for guidance about your service.

  • Obtain a list of young women in your class from the Young Women secretary. Counsel with the Young Women presidency and the class presidency to learn about the strengths and needs of each young woman in your class.

  • Attend regular class presidency meetings. (See “Attend Class Presidency Meetings” under “What Should I Focus On?”)

  • As invited, attend ward Young Women presidency meetings. (See “Participate in Young Women Presidency Meetings as Invited” under “What Should I Focus On?”)

  • As invited, attend the Young Women president’s meetings with the bishop (see General Handbook, 11.4.4).

  • Under the direction of the bishop, participate in training from the stake Young Women presidency and in other training as available.

  • To ensure the safety of children and youth, complete the training course found at You are required to renew this training every three years.

  • Study the principles in Teaching in the Savior’s Way (2016).