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Who Do I Work With?

“Who Do I Work With?,” My Calling as a Technology Specialist (2021).

“Who Do I Work With?,” My Calling as a Technology Specialist.

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My Calling as a Technology Specialist

Who Do I Work With?

You will work with those within the ward or stake who have called you and who have resources that will enable you to meet the needs of the people in your ward or stake. If you are called as a technology specialist, you will work primarily with the following people.

All Technology Specialists

Physical Facilities Representative (PFR)

Each stake calls a high councilor to act as the PFR. He works with the facilities management group (FMG) to take care of all meetinghouse maintenance, including technology equipment. Work closely with the PFR to educate him on the technology needs of your ward or stake and help him prepare to discuss those needs with the FMG.


You may assist or train priesthood leaders, clerks, teachers, or other members on the policies and use of technology.

Former and Other Technology Specialists

The technology specialist for a ward will need to work with you on meetinghouse network, computer, or other coordination issues. Be open and listen to their needs. As there are often multiple wards or branches in a meetinghouse, you will be responsible for coordinating technology use as needed.

Contact former technology specialists in your stake for advice, information, and best practices. You can use the Church Directory of Leaders (CDOL) to contact technology specialists in neighboring stakes. You can access this resource at You will need to sign in to your account on to access CDOL.

Technology Specialists for Stakes

In addition to those listed above, if you have been called to be the technical specialist for your stake, then you will also be asked to work with the following:

Stake Presidency

The stake president presides over the stake and determines which technologies will be used and for what purposes. You can assist the stake presidency in identifying needs and the technology to meet those needs. Stakes work with the FM to determine what budget and resources are available to meet needs. Stake presidencies are asked to follow Church technology policies as outlined in General Handbook: Serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 38.8.10 (Gospel Library), and under “Roles and Responsibilities” on the Meetinghouse Technology section of the Help Center site at

Stake Clerk

As the technology specialist, you can also look to the stake clerk for direction in your calling.

Facilities Management Group (FMG) and Facilities Manager (FM)

The FMG is a professional team of Church employees that oversees the care of all Church buildings, including meetinghouses. The stake president and PFR work with an FM, who is a member of the FMG and is assigned to your stake. The stake president and PFR may ask you to work directly with the FM on hardware needs. The FMG has an annual operating budget to purchase, install, repair, and replace any technology equipment that is approved to go into meetinghouses. They are also responsible for the internet service in a building.

Global Service Department (GSD)

When you cannot find answers on your own, contact the GSD. This group at Church headquarters offers technical support and can assist in troubleshooting issues with computers, internet connections, broadcasts, and so on. Contact information is available under the “Meetinghouse Technology” wiki.

Meetinghouse Technology Coordination Team

The Meetinghouse Technology Coordination Team, located in Salt Lake City, helps coordinate news, announcements, and training for technology specialists. They manage the content under the Meetinghouse Technology section of the Help Center site and content in the “Meetinghouse Technology” wiki, and they respond to feedback that comes to This coordination team uses this feedback to improve the website and communicate to those who make decisions regarding Church technology.

Area Information and Communications Services (ICS) Teams

Some areas outside the United States and Canada have an ICS team. This team consults with and trains technology specialists in their respective areas on meetinghouse technology.