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Getting Started

“Getting Started,” My Calling as a Technology Specialist (2021).

“Getting Started,” My Calling as a Technology Specialist.

My Calling as a Technology Specialist

Getting Started

Church Meetinghouse

Congratulations on your calling as a technology specialist. Your role in supporting technology use in your ward or stake is vital in spreading the gospel message and strengthening the Saints. When members, missionaries, and leaders have reliable access to and support for Church technology resources, they can worship, instruct, and minister to the needs of those they serve more effectively.

Thank you for being willing to serve. As you prayerfully prepare yourself to provide technical help, you will find great joy and satisfaction in the service you render. This is our Savior’s work, and He will bless you as you seek His guidance in your responsibilities.

You Are Not Alone

You have been called as a technology specialist to support either your ward or stake. Within the stake, there are numerous technology specialists who have also been called, and you will be able to collaborate and support them in their callings, just as they will help you in your calling.

As a newly called technology specialist, you will likely feel a range of emotions about your responsibilities. Remember that you are not alone. This calling is a partnership with the Lord. As you seek the Lord’s guidance in serving, He will magnify your efforts at home and in your calling. You will feel His love for you, for those you serve, and for their families.

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Where to Start

Before You Are Sustained

After you have been called, there will be a short time before your name is presented to the ward congregation(s) where you will be sustained. Here are some things you might do during that time:

  • Counsel with the person who called you about where you should begin.

  • Seek guidance from the Spirit through prayer, scripture study, fasting, and, if possible, temple attendance.

  • Read “Stake and Ward Technology Specialists,” section 33.10 in General Handbook: Serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (, to learn about your responsibilities as a technology specialist. Please note that the technology specialist for the ward does not have the same broad access to technology as the technology specialist for the stake and that the technology specialist for the stake may need to provide support or coordination to the technology specialist for the ward.

  • Begin to familiarize yourself with the content in the Meetinghouse Technology (MHTech) site at You will find training materials, policies, technology articles, details about roles and responsibilities, and troubleshooting guides. You can also give feedback about the content, which is updated often.

  • View the Getting Started for Technology Specialists videos found under Getting Started and Training on the MHTech site.

After You Are Sustained and Set Apart

  • With so many responsibilities, remember that your family is your first priority.

  • Continue to pray for guidance about your service.

  • Counsel with the stake presidency or bishopric about your assignments, including any meetings you need to attend.

  • Ensure that the stake or ward clerk updates your calling in Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) so that you have access to all the tools provided for technology specialists.

  • Talk with the other technology specialists, if possible, to understand more about the technologies to use and specific tasks you will need to perform.

  • Study the information under Roles and Responsibilities on the MHTech site.