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10: How can I work through thoughts of suicide?

“10: How can I work through thoughts of suicide?” Mental Health: Help for Me (2019)

“Thoughts of Suicide,” Mental Health: Help for Me

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How can I work through thoughts of suicide?

Thoughts of suicide do not mean that you are weak or flawed or a bad person; they mean that you are carrying intense pain and may need more support to resolve your crisis. When life begins to feel unmanageable or you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, try some of the suggestions below or visit for more ideas.

  • Tell someone. If you feel unsafe or your life is in danger, contact emergency services immediately. If your life is not in danger, talk to a friend, a family member, or a Church leader, or call a suicide prevention helpline (see the resources below). Sharing your thoughts can relieve a lot of pressure.

  • Trust the Savior. Even if you don’t feel the love or presence of Jesus Christ in your life at this time, you can act on a desire to feel it. You might kneel down when you pray, pray out loud, ask for a priesthood blessing, or talk to your bishop.

  • Make your home safe. If there are things you are thinking about using to harm yourself, remove them or have someone else take responsibility for them. Minimize the time you spend alone and have a conversation with someone you live with or trust. Talk with this person about what precautions make the most sense for you in your situation.

  • Set small goals. Each day write down at least one task or goal for the next day. Keep it simple and attainable. Setting and working toward small goals can help you find a sense of control when everything seems unmanageable.