Don’t Give Up!

“Don’t Give Up!” Friend, September 2016, 36

Don’t Give Up!

Friend Magazine, 2016/09 Sep

There are many reasons people might feel sad for a long time. Sometimes when bad or stressful things happen, it takes a while for people to feel better again. Other times, they might not know where the sadness comes from. Either way, don’t give up hope. Things can get better! If you or someone you know feels sad a lot, here are some tips that can help.

If someone you know feels sad a lot:

  • Be their friend. Even a little kindness can make a big difference.

  • Get help. Offer to go with your friend to talk to a parent, teacher, or other trusted adult.

  • Keep inviting them to do fun things. They may say “no” a lot, but don’t stop inviting them.

  • Remember that how they act or feel is not your fault.

  • If someone in your family feels sad a lot, talk to a parent. You could also talk to another trusted adult.

If you feel sad a lot:

  • Tell a friend, parent, or trusted adult how you feel.

  • Ask for help. Keep asking until someone helps you. You may need to see a doctor who can help you get better.

  • Pray to Heavenly Father. He loves you. You are His child, and there is no one else just like you! You are important and loved.

  • Remember that Jesus Christ knows how you feel. He can help you be strong.

  • Don’t give up hope! Just because something hurts now, that doesn’t mean it will hurt forever.