Mental Health
7: Seek to mourn with those who mourn.

“7: Seek to mourn with those who mourn.” Mental Health: General Principles (2019)

“Mourn with Those Who Mourn,” Mental Health: General Principles

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Seek to mourn with those who mourn.

In this video, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland teaches that those in the greatest need often need the greatest compassion.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we covenant to “mourn with those that mourn” (Mosiah 18:9). There will be moments when we see clear ways to help someone. However, many times mourning with those that mourn does not mean having the right answer to a question or giving a person the perfect resource. Many times, mourning with those that mourn involves listening, waiting, seeking to understand, and supporting the person through the journey.

Many challenges are ongoing and there are not quick solutions. The following stories illustrate how communities, families, and friends came together to serve. Although these videos do not highlight mental health as the primary aspect of the story, love, compassion, and empathy like the community, families, and friends demonstrate can be helpful for all.

In this video, Elder Holland testifies that, first and foremost, God is our Father.

Kathy’s community came together to serve a long-term need.

Troy’s friends walked with him after his son’s death.