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5. Obtain Approval of Master Plan

“5. Obtain Approval of Master Plan,” Meetinghouse Master Planning Guidelines (2022)

“Obtain Approval of Master Plan,” Meetinghouse Master Planning Guidelines

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Obtain Approval of Master Plan

The Area Seventy, stake presidents, and DTA and his staff work together to finalize the master plan. The final master plan includes two main elements (as seen in image 2):

  1. Unit boundary changes proposed by priesthood leaders, if any

  2. Meetinghouse recommendations, if any

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The DTA and his staff create the final master plan presentation, including supporting documentation, and share it with the members of the coordinating council or multistake committee.

The final plan should include proposed changes for at least five years and should be endorsed by all priesthood leaders.

  • Meetinghouse master plans should be jointly approved by the Area Presidency and the Meetinghouse Facilities Department.

  • The DTA, and Area Seventy whenever possible, presents the master plan to the Area Presidency for their approval. If any adjustments are needed to the ecclesiastical plan, the Area Seventy works with the stake presidents and DTA staff.

  • Upon approval from the Area Presidency, the DTA submits the master plan to the Meetinghouse Facilities Department at Church headquarters for review and joint approval.

  • After obtaining approval, stake presidents and the DTA team implement the plan according to the five-year schedule.

Master Plan Example

Image 1

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A map of the units being master-planned typically accompanies this summary.

Image 2

unit and facility summary chart