The Gospel and the Productive Life (Religion 150)

    “The Gospel and the Productive Life (Religion 150)” Institute Primary Electives Student Readings (2016)

    “Gospel and the Productive Life (Religion 150)” Student Readings

    The Gospel and the Productive Life (Religion 150)

    Student Readings

    Note to students: You are not required to read any of the suggested materials that are not available in your language.

    Lesson 1: The Plan of Salvation for Heavenly Father’s Children

    Lesson 2: The Guidance of the Spirit

    Lesson 3: Setting Goals and Managing Time

    Lesson 4: Managing Financial Resources Wisely

    Lesson 5: Faith in Jesus Christ Gives Us Power to Provide for Ourselves and Others

    Lesson 6: Providing for Self, Family, and Others

    Lesson 7: Recognizing and Developing Talents and Abilities

    Lesson 8: Each of Us Can Help Build the Kingdom of God on Earth

    Lesson 9: Becoming Self-Reliant in the Lord’s Way

    Lesson 10: Seek Learning by Study and by Faith

    Lesson 11: Selecting and Becoming an Eternal Companion

    Lesson 12: Observing the Laws of Physical Health

    Lesson 13: “These Things Shall Give Thee Experience”

    Lesson 14: Honoring Covenants

    Lesson 15: Serving One Another