Scripture Study––The Power of the Word (Religion 215)

“Scripture Study––The Power of the Word (Religion 215)” Institute Primary Electives Student Readings (2016)

“Scripture Study (Religion 215)” Student Readings

Scripture Study––The Power of the Word (Religion 215)

Student Readings

Note to students: You are not required to read any of the suggested materials that are not available in your language.

Lesson 1: What Is Scripture?

Lesson 2: The Standard Works

Lesson 3: Why Study the Scriptures?

Lesson 4: Basic Components of Scripture Study

Lesson 5: Techniques of Effective Scripture Study

Lesson 6: Marking Scripture

Lesson 7: Study Aids in the LDS Scriptures

Lesson 8: Prophets Interpret Scripture

Lesson 9: Using Scripture to Understand Scripture

Lesson 10: Studying Scripture in Context

Lesson 11: Bridging the Cultural Gap

Lesson 12: Literary Styles of Scripture

Lesson 13: Scriptural Use of Symbolism

Lesson 14: Using Scriptures to Meet Personal Needs

Lesson 15: Jesus Christ—The Central Focus of All Scripture