Introduction to the Institute Elevate Learning Experience
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“Introduction to the Institute Elevate Learning Experience,” Institute Elevate Learning Experience (2016)

“Introduction,” Institute Elevate Learning Experience

Introduction to the Institute Elevate Learning Experience

The purpose of the Elevate Learning Experience (ELE) is to provide students with the opportunity to have meaningful experiences with the word of God. Students are most likely to achieve this as they more fully understand, apply, and share the teachings of Jesus Christ. Completion of one of the following three ELE options is required to earn credit for each course:

  1. Elevate Learning questions: Students ponder and answer study questions throughout the course. There are specific questions for each of the four Cornerstone classes as well as a general elective version for all other courses. Links to the study questions are found below.

    The Eternal Family (Religion 200)

    Foundations of the Restoration (Religion 225)

    Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel (Religion 250)

    Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon (Religion 275)

    General Elective Courses

  2. Course study journal: Students regularly record what they are learning, how they are applying it, and how their experiences are strengthening their faith in Jesus Christ.

  3. Personal learning project: Students plan and complete a personal learning project approved by their teacher. The project demonstrates learning and application of doctrines and principles addressed in the course and summarizes how the student’s faith in Jesus Christ has been strengthened.

For training on how to use the Elevate Learning Experience, watch the video “How to Use the Elevate Learning Experience” (

Students will get the most out of this experience if they start early, work on it regularly, seek feedback, and share their experiences with their family and friends, either in person or on social media. Class time may be scheduled to give students opportunities to explain, share, and testify of what they have learned about Jesus Christ and His gospel. After each class, students may add to or revise their personal learning projects to reflect their personal understanding and application of the gospel principle covered.

Near the end of the course, students are invited to hand in their completed experiences or report their completion. While teacher feedback is important, remember that the primary purpose of the experiences is to strengthen students’ faith in Jesus Christ. This happens when students evaluate their own understanding of the key doctrines and principles and apply them in their lives. Accommodations for students with special needs, disabilities, or health-related conditions may be necessary to help them complete the ELE.

Additional information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Elevate Learning Experiences for Institute.

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