Cornerstone Course Questions

    “Cornerstone Course Questions,” Institute Elevate Learning Experience (2016)

    “Cornerstone Course Questions,” Institute Elevate Learning Experience

    Cornerstone Course Questions

    Teacher Instructions

    This Elevate Learning Experience is for institute students taking a Cornerstone course. This learning experience consists of a set of questions that are an important companion to the assigned readings and class participation. Student responses do not have to be long, but they should represent the students’ best efforts. With your help, students are invited to write, review, revise, and submit responses to these questions throughout the course. Although students are encouraged to write their responses outside class, you may decide to devote some class time to these efforts.

    While many of the details in administering and following up need to be tailored to individual programs, the following steps will help you and your students have a successful experience.

    1. Prepare: Before the course begins, set a review date and a deadline for students to submit their responses to each question. Some instructors may wish to review or submit all responses on a single day near the end of the semester; others may decide to review and submit responses one at a time periodically throughout the course. Make sure you cover the necessary course material before you assign the students to respond to the questions related to that material.

    2. Set clear expectations: At the beginning of the course, give students a copy of the Elevate Learning Experience. Take a few minutes to explain clearly the purpose and expectations for this experience, including dates to review course material and submit responses.

    3. Follow up: Throughout the course, consistently encourage and assist all students as they work to complete the Elevate Learning Experience by the due dates.

    4. Review: For days you have scheduled a review, invite and remind students to bring their responses to class. The purpose of the review is to help students assess their responses and share what they have learned. Students may benefit by reviewing one another’s work in pairs or small groups. You can make the review more meaningful as you invite students to explain, share, and testify of what they have learned (see Gospel Teaching and Learning: A Handbook for Teachers and Leaders in Seminaries and Institutes of Religion [2012], 10). You should spend 10 to 15 minutes on each question during the reviews. Students are encouraged to revise their responses as needed before submitting their final answers.

    5. Submit: By the end of the course, students submit their responses to you. Students have completed the Elevate Learning Experience when they have made a reasonable effort, as evaluated by the teacher, to write, revise, and submit their responses to all the questions for the course. Record those who submit their responses in the WISE Gradebook.

    Note: Make sure that those students who have specific needs, disabilities, or health-related conditions have the accommodations they need to participate in this assessment on an equal basis with their peers. Some accommodations may include providing large-print or audio versions of materials, allowing students to complete the responses with the help of others, permitting them to submit verbal instead of written responses, or allowing them to dictate their answers to a scribe or recorder. Go to to find general information on helping individuals with disabilities.

    Student Instructions

    This Elevate Learning Experience consists of a set of questions that are an important companion to your class participation and study of the assigned readings. Working on the responses to these questions throughout the course will help you to deepen your understanding and application of the gospel as you reflect on and share what you have learned. Complete the following steps for each question:

    1. Write an organized response for each question using your own words. Support your answers with the scriptures and the words of the prophets. Be sure your responses are appropriate to share.

    2. Review your responses by bringing them to class on the date(s) given by your instructor.

    3. Revise your responses based on the reviews, as needed.

    4. Submit your final responses for all questions by the date(s) given by your instructor.

    Your responses should be completed outside class unless directed otherwise. If you have a specific need, disability, or health-related condition, speak with your instructor so that he or she can make accommodations to help you complete this experience. Your instructor wants you to succeed with this experience and is wiling to help you be successful.