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Old Testament

“Old Testament,” Gospel Art Book (2008)

“Old Testament,” Gospel Art Book

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Old Testament

  1. Jesus Christ

    Ex. 3:14; D&C 38:1; John 14:6; Mosiah 3:17; Hel. 5:12; 3 Ne. 9:14–18; Morm. 9:11; D&C 76:22–24, 40–42

    [Christ's image]

    Christ’s Image, by Heinrich Hofmann, courtesy C. Harrison Conroy Co., Inc.

  2. The Lord Created All Things

    Moses 1:31–33, 39; 7:30; Mosiah 4:9


    The Lord Created All Things, photo © Brand X/Superstock

  3. The Earth

    Gen. 1; Moses 2; D&C 59:16–21; see also scriptures for picture 2

    The Earth

    The Earth, photo © Corbis

  4. Adam and Eve Kneeling at an Altar

    2 Ne. 2:17–25; Moses 5:4–11

    Adam and Eve kneeling at an altar

    Adam and Eve Kneeling at an Altar, by Del Parson, © 1988 IRI

  5. Adam and Eve Teaching Their Children

    Moses 5:12; D&C 68:25, 28

    Adam and Eve Teaching Their Children

    Adam and Eve Teaching Their Children, by Del Parson, © 1978 IRI

  6. City of Zion Is Taken Up

    Gen. 5:24; Heb. 11:5; Moses 7:18–19, 69

    City of Zion translated

    City of Zion Translated, by Del Parson, © 1982 IRI

  7. Building the Ark

    Gen. 6–7; Moses 8

    Building the Ark

    Noah’s Preaching Scorned, by Harry Anderson, © IRI

  8. Noah and the Ark with Animals

    Gen. 6:12–22; 7:2–23; 8

    The Lord fulfilleth all His words

    The Lord Fulfilleth All His Words, by Clark Kelley Price, courtesy Church History Museum

  9. Abraham Taking Isaac to Be Sacrificed

    Gen. 21:1–8; 22:1–18; Jacob 4:5

    Abraham Taking Isaac to be Sacrificed

    Abraham Taking Isaac to Be Sacrificed, by Del Parson, © 1981 IRI

  10. Rebekah at the Well

    Gen. 24

    Rebekah at the Well

    Rebekah at the Well, by Michael Deas, © 1995 IRI

  11. Joseph Resists Potiphar’s Wife

    Gen. 39; D&C 42:22–24

    Joseph and Potiphar's wife

    Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife, by Del Parson, © 1985 IRI

  12. Jacob Blessing His Sons

    Gen. 49

    Jacob blessing Joseph

    Jacob Blessing Joseph, by Harry Anderson, © IRI

  13. Moses and the Burning Bush

    Ex. 3:1–4:17; Acts 7:30–33

    The burning bush

    Moses and the Burning Bush, by John Steel, © Providence Collection, all rights reserved; do not copy

  14. The Ten Commandments

    Ex. 19–20

    Moses and the Tablets

    Moses and the Tablets, by Jerry Harston, © IRI

  15. Moses Gives Aaron the Priesthood

    Ex. 28:1–29:9; 40:12–15; Heb. 5:4

    Moses Calls Aaron to the Ministry

    Moses Calls Aaron to the Ministry, by Harry Anderson, © IRI

  16. Moses and the Brass Serpent

    Num. 21:4–9; John 3:14; Alma 33:19–21

    Moses and the brass serpent

    Moses and the Brass Serpent, by Judith Mehr, © 1996 IRI

  17. Ruth Gleaning in the Fields

    Ruth 1–4

    Ruth and Naomi

    Ruth and Naomi, by Judith Mehr, © 1992 Judith Mehr

  18. Boy Samuel Called by the Lord

    1 Sam. 3

    God appears in a night vision to the boy prophet Samuel

    God Appears in a Night Vision to the Boy Prophet Samuel, by Harry Anderson, © IRI

  19. David Slays Goliath

    1 Sam. 17

    David and Goliath

    David Slays Goliath, by Ted Henninger, © IRI

  20. Elijah Contends against the Priests of Baal

    1 Kgs. 18:17–39

    Elijah Contends Against the Priests of Baal

    Elijah Contends against the Priests of Baal, by Jerry Harston, © 1978 IRI

  21. Esther

    Esther 3:8–15; 4; 7

    Queen Esther, by Minerva Teichert

    Queen Esther, by Minerva Teichert, © William and Betty Stokes

  22. Isaiah Writes of Christ’s Birth

    Isa. 7:14; 9:6–7

    Prophet Isaiah Foretells Christ's Birth, The

    The Prophet Isaiah Foretells Christ’s Birth, by Harry Anderson, © IRI

  23. Daniel Refusing the King’s Food and Wine

    Dan. 1; D&C 89

    Daniel Refusing the King's Meat and Wine

    Daniel Refusing the King’s Meat and Wine, by Del Parson, © 1983 IRI

  24. Daniel Interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

    Dan. 2

    Daniel Interprets Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

    Daniel Interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream, by Grant Romney Clawson, © IRI

  25. Three Men in the Fiery Furnace

    Dan. 3; Alma 36:3

    Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace

    Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace, by William Maughan, © 1985 IRI

  26. Daniel in the Lions’ Den

    Dan. 6

    Daniel in the Lion's Den

    Daniel in the Lions’ Den, by Clark Kelley Price, © IRI

  27. Jonah

    Jonah 1–3

    Jonah Comes Ashore

    Jonah, by Robert T. Barrett, © 1990 Robert T. Barrett; do not copy