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Gospel Art Book

“Gospel Art Book,” Gospel Art Book (2008)

“Gospel Art Book,” Gospel Art Book

Using This Book

The art in this book is organized into six sections: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Church History, Gospel in Action, and Latter-day Prophets. You can use these pictures for learning and teaching at home or at church. The list below gives a descriptive title for each picture as well as references to scriptures and other sources that can be used to learn about and discuss the pictures. Searching these accompanying scriptures and sources will deepen your understanding of the events and gospel principles depicted. Consider the following ideas for using the pictures and references:

  • Invite individuals to search the scriptures or other sources that go with a particular picture. Ask them to read or summarize this material during a discussion of the picture.

  • Ask family or class members to describe what they see in a picture or how the picture makes them feel. What gospel principles does the picture teach? What applications can be made to our lives today?

  • Invite individuals to look through the pictures on their own. They might pick two pictures to compare and contrast. Their observations and questions about what they see could lead to conversations about the scriptures and about gospel principles.