On a Golden Springtime


On a Golden Springtime


1. On a golden springtime, underneath the ground,

A tiny seedling lay asleep until the sun shone down.

Awake, awake, O little seed!

Push upward to the light!

The day is bright. With all your might,

push upward to the light!

2. On a golden springtime, Jesus Christ awoke

And left the tomb where he had lain; the bands of death he broke.

Awake, awake, O sleeping world!

Look upward to the light,

For now all men may live again.

Look upward to the light!

3. On a golden springtime, in a forest glade,

The Father and the Son appeared as Joseph knelt and prayed.

Awake, awake, O nations all!

Receive the gospel light!

The gospel true is here for you.

Receive its glorious light!

Words: Virginia Maughan Kammeyer, 1925–1999. © 1989 IRI

Music: Crawford Gates, 1921–2018. © 1989 IRI

Alma 32:28

Doctrine and Covenants 88:7

Matthew 28:5–6

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