Chapter 51: Ether 6–10

    “Chapter 51: Ether 6–10,” Book of Mormon Student Manual (2009), 369–74

    “Chapter 51,” Book of Mormon Student Manual, 369–74

    Chapter 51

    Ether 6–10


    In Ether 6–10, Moroni told of the Jaredites’ journey across the ocean to the promised land. He then summarized the reigns of several generations of kings, contrasting periods of righteousness with periods of wickedness and conflict. Moroni observed many similarities between the Jaredites and his own people, the Nephites. He described the cycle of pride, prosperity, wickedness, and repentance that he had seen in the two nations. He outlined the grave danger we put ourselves in when we allow pride and secret combinations to get control in our society. Both the Nephite and the Jaredite civilizations illustrate the truth that what we sow, we shall reap. Following the Lord brings happiness, while straying from His commandments brings strife and misery.


    Points to Ponder

    • What does it mean to commend your life to the Lord as the Jaredites did on their journey to the promised land?

    • What tender mercies of the Lord can you identify in your life? (see Ether 6:12).

    • What safeguards are available to help you avoid being deceived by Satan?

    Suggested Assignments

    • Compare the journey described in Ether 6:2–12 to our journey through mortality.

    • Find verses in Ether 8:13–26 that describe the dangers of secret combinations, and summarize those dangers. Then summarize the counsel Moroni gave us in those same verses.