“appendix-record,” Book of Mormon Student Manual (2009), 408

    “appendix-record,” Book of Mormon Student Manual, 408

    Nephite Record Keepers

    Nephite Record Keepers


    Prophet, leader, teacher, and initiator of Nephite record (1–2 Nephi)

    Small plates of Nephi

    Personal journals of prophecy and spiritual experiences

    Large plates of Nephi

    Social, political, military, and religious history

    About 600 B.C.

    Nephi, son of Lehi

    Prophet and author of 1–2 Nephi

    Kept by the kings

    544 B.C.

    Jacob, brother of Nephi

    Prophet and author of book of Jacob

    544–421 B.C.

    Enos, son of Jacob

    Prophet and author of book of Enos

    420 B.C.

    Jarom, son of Enos

    Prophet and author of book of Jarom

    361 B.C.

    Omni, son of Jarom

    Nephite warrior who wrote first 3 verses of book of Omni

    279 B.C.

    Amaron, son of Omni

    Wrote 5 verses noting the Lord’s destruction of the wicked of his generation

    279 B.C.

    Chemish, brother of Amaron

    Wrote only 1 verse

    Abinadom, son of Chemish

    Wrote only 2 verses


    King who united the Nephites with the Mulekites

    130 B.C.

    Amaleki, son of Abinadom

    Wrote 19 verses, bore fervent testimony of the Savior, and turned small plates of Nephi over to King Benjamin

    Benjamin, son of Mosiah1

    130 B.C.

    Mosiah2, son of Benjamin

    Last of the Nephite kings

    191–124 B.C.

    91–72 B.C.

    Alma2, son of Alma1

    Prophet and first chief judge

    72–56 B.C.

    Helaman1, son of Alma2

    Prophet and military leader

    Shiblon, son of Alma2

    56–39 B.C.

    Helaman2, son of Helaman1

    39 B.C.A.D. 1

    Nephi2, son of Helaman2

    Contemporary with Samuel the Lamanite

    A.D. 1–?

    Nephi3, son of Nephi2

    Chief Nephite disciple and Apostle of the resurrected Lord

    A.D. ?–111

    Nephi4, son of Nephi3

    A.D. 111–194

    Amos1, son of Nephi4

    A.D. 194–306

    Amos2, son of Amos1

    A.D. 306–321

    Ammaron, brother of Amos2

    Hid plates in the hill Shim in A.D. 321

    Commissioned 10-year-old Mormon to continue record upon turning 24 years of age

    A.D. 345–385


    Made an abridgment of Nephite plates

    A.D. 385–421

    Moroni, son of Mormon2

    Completed the record of his father

    Added his own writings

    Abridged the Jaredite record (book of Ether)

    Sealed the abridged records in the Hill Cumorah

    The following indicate relationships:

    ▼ Father to son

    ▶ Brother to brother

    ○ Plates passed outside family relationships