Mini-lesson: Happy Birthday

“Mini-lesson: Happy Birthday,” Behold Your Little Ones: Nursery Manual (2008), 129

“Happy Birthday,” Behold Your Little Ones, 129

Mini-lesson: Happy Birthday

Learning Activities


On a Sunday near the child’s birthday, while the children are gathered for the lesson, snack, or music time, tell the children, “[Child’s name] has had [or will soon have] a birthday!” Invite the children to say, “Happy birthday.”

Tell the children how old the child will be on his or her birthday. Invite them to count to that number with you on their fingers. Repeat a few times.


Sing or say the words to “Happy, Happy Birthday” (Children’s Songbook, 284) and invite the children to join you:

Happy, happy birthday, [child’s name], dear;

Happy days will come to you all year.

If I had one wish, then it would be

A happy, happy birthday to you from me!

Invite the children to say, “Happy birthday” and clap their hands.