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Lesson 9: I Have a Body like Heavenly Father’s

“Lesson 9: I Have a Body like Heavenly Father’s,” Behold Your Little Ones: Nursery Manual (2008), 40–43

“Lesson 9,” Behold Your Little Ones, 40–43


I Have a Body like Heavenly Father’s

Introduction for the Teacher

To prepare yourself spiritually to teach this lesson, please read and ponder the following:

Each of us is a child of God. The scriptures teach that “God created man in his own image” (Genesis 1:27; see also Moses 2:26–27; Abraham 4:26–27). This means that our bodies are similar to His. The Prophet Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and he taught that “the Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s; the Son also” (D&C 130:22).

Learning Activities

Begin with a gathering activity. For ideas, see page 3.


Invite a child to give the opening prayer.


Sing the first verse of “I Am a Child of God” (Children’s Songbook, 2):

I am a child of God,

And he has sent me here,

Has given me an earthly home

With parents kind and dear.

Repeat, and invite the children to listen or sing with you. Tell them that when we say “God” we mean Heavenly Father.

Scripture Story

Show the picture on page 42. Briefly tell the story of Joseph Smith’s First Vision to teach the children that Heavenly Father has a body like ours (see Joseph Smith—History 1:17). Below is an example:

When Joseph Smith was a boy (point to Joseph in the picture), he prayed to Heavenly Father. Something wonderful happened. Joseph saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ (point to Heavenly Father and Jesus in the picture). They came and spoke to Joseph. Joseph saw that Heavenly Father has a body like we do. Heavenly Father has arms. Do you have arms? Show me your arms. Heavenly Father has hands. Do you have hands? Show me your hands. Heavenly Father has a face. Do you have a face? Touch your face. You are a real person. Heavenly Father is a real person. He created your body. You have a body like Heavenly Father’s.

First Vision

Activity Verse

Invite the children to stand and do the following activity verse with you:

I have a special body

Heavenly Father gave to me. (touch hands to chest)

He gave me ears so I might hear (cup hand around ear)

And eyes that I might see. (point to eyes)

He gave me hands so I can clap, (clap hands)

Two feet that turn around. (turn around)

And when I want, I touch my toes (bend over and touch toes)

Way down upon the ground.

When I think about my body, (put finger to head)

The best part of it is

That Heavenly Father planned it

To look very much like His. (sit down quietly)


Invite the children to repeat after you, a few words at a time, “I have a body like Heavenly Father’s.” Express your gratitude for your body.


Invite a child to give the closing prayer.

Optional Activities


  • For the finger-puppet story: Copy, color, and cut out the finger puppets on page 91.

    coloring page, First Vision
  • For the tracing activity: Bring a blank piece of paper for each child and something to write with.

  • For the illustration activity: Copy the illustration on page 43 for each child.

    coloring page, I Have a Body

    I Have a Body like Heavenly Father’s

    I have a face like Heavenly Father.

    I have two hands like Heavenly Father.

    I have two feet like Heavenly Father.


Sing or say the words to “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” (Children’s Songbook, 275) and point to each body part as you say it. Invite the children to join you.

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, knees and toes, knees and toes,

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

Repeat as often as the children would like. Remind them that Heavenly Father gave us bodies that look like His.

Finger-Puppet Story

Retell the story of the First Vision, using the finger puppets you have made (see Joseph Smith—History 1:11–17; see also the example on page 88). Emphasize the fact that Joseph Smith saw that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have bodies like ours.

finger puppet diagram


Trace each child’s hand on a piece of paper. Let them color the tracings. Write on the paper the child’s name and age and the date.


Display the illustration on page 43 and give each child a copy. Point to the boy’s face and remind the children that we have faces and so does Heavenly Father. Invite the children to point to the face on their copy of the illustration. Repeat for other body parts. Let the children color their illustrations, if desired.