Who Was Enoch?
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“Who Was Enoch?” Liahona, January 2022

Come, Follow Me

Who Was Enoch?

Moses 6–7

Adam and Eve

Illustrations by Denis Freitas

This family tree shows the two men named Enoch in Adam and Eve’s line. Cain’s son Enoch, the grandson of Adam (see Moses 5), is different from Jared’s son Enoch, who was six generations from Adam and built the city of Zion (see Moses 6–7).

How did the prophet Enoch respond to his calling?

The Prophet Enoch

When Enoch was called to preach repentance, he felt inadequate, expressing to the Lord that he was “slow of speech” (Moses 6:31). But God gave Enoch power and promised, “Open thy mouth, and it shall be filled, and I will give thee utterance” (Moses 6:32). Many came to believe his words, and Enoch established the city of Zion.

Recalling the example of Enoch, Elder David A. Bednar reassured those of us who feel overwhelmed, unequal, or unqualified for a new calling or responsibility that “the promise of the Lord to Enoch is equally applicable … today” (“In the Strength of the Lord,” general conference, Oct. 2004).