Beginnings and the Old Testament
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“Beginnings and the Old Testament,” Liahona, January 2022

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Beginnings and the Old Testament

Christ and the Creation

Christ and the Creation, by Robert T. Barrett

It’s the start of a new year, which seems like an especially appropriate time to think about beginnings.

This year, the Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price will take us on a tour of some of the most significant and extraordinary beginnings known to humankind.

We can better come to know Jesus Christ, who was with the Father “at the beginning” (Abraham 4:1). We can read about the Creation of the world and the beginning of mortal life. We can learn about the beginnings of repentance, families, commandments, and temple worship here on earth. We can study the beginning of sacred covenants that continue to shape our lives today.

And if we don’t love the Old Testament yet, today can mark the beginning of a new season of study and exploration. On page 12, I share some truths that helped me get more excited about this book of scripture and view its teachings with refreshed energy and purpose. On page 42, President Mark L. Pace, Sunday School General President, identifies powerful blessings we can receive if we’re willing to read “conscientiously and prayerfully.”

Above all else, let’s remember that a lifetime of new beginnings is possible because of Jesus Christ. In Elder Quentin L. Cook’s article on page 6, he testifies that “all is never lost” because our Savior waits for us with open arms. Through His grace, we are able to continue the spiritual journey our ancient ancestors began so many years ago.

I hope this year is full of wonderful beginnings for each of us!

Marissa Widdison

Assistant Managing Editor, Gospel Living App


“I am the Beginning and the End, the Almighty God; by mine Only Begotten I created these things; yea, in the beginning I created the heaven, and the earth upon which thou standest.”

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