Trusting the Savior’s Promises
April 2021

“Trusting the Savior’s Promises,” Liahona, April 2021

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Trusting the Savior’s Promises


We all have troubles in life. Some are small and temporary, while others are significant and enduring. Throughout these challenges, Christlike friends help us feel loved and strengthened.

On page 32, you can meet one of my dearest friends, Heather, who has strengthened me with love over decades of friendship. She is a woman of remarkable faith who doesn’t let mortal challenges—like her daily struggle with cerebral palsy—overpower her hope or discourage her good works. She is just one of many of our brothers and sisters who, although diagnosed with some sort of medical disability, are able to build God’s kingdom in powerful ways.

I have heard Heather testify many times of the trust she has in the promises of the Savior. That message seems especially poignant during this Easter season, which invites each of us to pause and ponder what is possible because of Jesus Christ. His love can transform our struggles into stepping-stones. Because of His Atonement, there is no pain, sickness, or limitation of ability that He does not understand. He offers complete healing. That is the joy we celebrate at Easter.

With love,

Marissa Widdison

Gospel Living App Assistant Managing Editor