Piriápolis, Uruguay
April 2021

“Piriápolis, Uruguay,” Liahona, April 2021

The Church Is Here

Piriápolis, Uruguay

woman kicking a ball with a boy on the beach.

Photographs by Cody Bell

Elsa Castillo De Aicardi and her grandson often walk on the beach near their home. In this photo they typify three common passions of Uruguay: family, fútbol, and the beach. In many Uruguayan families, grandparents help care for grandchildren. In Uruguay the Church has:

107,103 members

134 congregations

2 missions, 1 temple

Nurturing Children

family in Uruguay

In the capital city of Montevideo, Andrea Rodriguez cares for her baby girl while her husband, Marcos Sormani, plays with their other children. “Living prophets teach us that parents have a sacred responsibility to nurture children,” she says.