That I Too Might Care
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That I Too Might Care

Area YSA remote full-time senior missionaries hoping to make a difference.

“The Lord has provided His plan of happiness for you. He will bless you as you embrace it fully. He has blessed you with special gifts and talents that will allow you to become everything He desires for you.”1

This counsel is from the introduction of My Plan for Returned Missionaries a planning tool for returning young full-time missionaries, designed to help them plan and realize key goals and purpose as they move through life.

These words have meaning for all Heavenly Father’s children, and especially for young single adults. In 2021, the YSA goal for the Africa West Area is inspiring, it reads: “To empower each young adult to walk the covenant path, draw closer to Christ, act in faith, embrace the ordinances of the gospel, and keep the associated covenants.”

During October of 2020, five new senior missionary couples began a yearlong full-time mission supporting the Africa West Area YSA. These missionary couples live at home. This dedicated support for young single adults comes from elders and sisters who carry with them a wide variety of skills from their life experiences, and who have served in several ecclesiastical capacities, including service as previous full-time senior missionaries.

Their role, as they work directly with each stake president across the Africa West Area, is to support their efforts to help young singles to stay on the covenant path. These remote missionaries hope to become a resource for stake leadership across a variety of subjects that challenge young singles today.

They will provide support to help local leaders establish formal YSA gathering places and participate fully in the innovate institute initiative. They will provide guidance and direction to the stake YSA committee, Melchizedek Priesthood quorums and Relief Societies as they minister to returning missionaries and the YSA.

With concerted effort, these remote senior missionaries are hoping to become an aid to the Africa West Area leadership, as they help make a difference in the academic, social, economic, and spiritual lives of these gifted young singles as they begin their life journey.


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