Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

“Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China,” Liahona, March 2021

The Church Is Here

Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

Hong Kong: Family Life

Photograph by Cody Bell

Most people think of Hong Kong as a bustling port city packed with people. But in the suburbs it’s less crowded. As a neighbor watches, a three-generation family of Church members enjoy time together in a park near their apartment.

Membership doubled in last 10 years

6 stakes, 1 mission, 1 temple

1949: Mission headquarters established

Showing Genuine Care to Others

Pictured on the train in Hong Kong are mother and daughter Carrie Shuk-fan Leung and Shayla Suet-yee Leung. When asked about ministering, Sister Carrie Leung says, “When we show genuine caring to those around us, we are ministering.”