A New Publication for a Worldwide Church
January 2021

“A New Publication for a Worldwide Church,” Liahona, January 2021, 3

Welcome to This Issue

A New Publication for a Worldwide Church

Our dear brothers and sisters,

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be found in countries around the world. Although we speak many languages, we are united in our efforts to follow the Savior and rejoice in knowing that we are all children of God.

From the early days of the restored Church, publications like the Church magazines have supported members in their efforts to learn, live, and share the gospel. Inspiring messages have helped members connect with Church leaders and with each other. With a desire to extend these blessings to more of God’s children, we are pleased to share this first issue of the new Liahona with you.

Other changes to Church magazines include new publications for children and youth worldwide. Each of the magazines—the Liahona, For the Strength of Youth, and Friend—will work hand in hand with the Come, Follow Me scripture study resources that support gospel learning in your home. These magazines will also become more available in digital channels.

The purpose of the Church magazines remains the same: to help God’s children become more converted to their Savior, Jesus Christ. We are grateful for your desire to learn and live the gospel, and know these magazines will assist you in those efforts.


The First Presidency