“Youth,” Liahona, June 2020


    Samoa: Family Life

    Photograph by Leslie Nilsson

    Fofoa V., (left) age 18

    Etuale V., (right) age 16, Savali, Samoa

    In our family, everyone helps.

    Fofoa: Our family believes in working together. My brother Etuale and I gather firewood for cooking. We also help make food to sell. I remember one time when our family didn’t make enough money to pay an expensive water bill, so we all did our part to help. My sister sold barbecue. Etuale and I gathered coconuts and other food and then helped sell the food to raise money. By working hard as a family and trusting God, we were able to get the water turned back on.

    Etuale: God helps me with everything in my life. He gives me strength and blesses me every day. I love living in Samoa. It’s very peaceful here. My biggest dream is to serve a full-time mission! I want to offer my two years to God.