Who Am I?—Pick a Card

“Who Am I?—Pick a Card,” Liahona, June 2020

Who Am I?—Pick a Card

Use these cards to play the game on pages F12–F13.

Liahona Magazine, 2020/06 Jun
  • Abish: I was converted to God years ago, when my father had a vision. While working for King Lamoni, I helped many people learn about the power of God.

  • King Lamoni: When I learned about the gospel, I had a vision. I saw Jesus! I shared my testimony with my father and helped rescue missionaries from prison.

  • Korihor: I tried to convince people that Jesus wasn’t real and demanded proof that there was a God. Suddenly I couldn’t talk or hear!

  • Ammon: I’m one of the sons of Mosiah. During my mission, I protected King Lamoni’s flocks. I taught King Lamoni and the queen about the gospel.

  • Anti-Nephi-Lehies: We used to be Lamanites who fought a lot, but we decided to follow God. So we buried our weapons of war and promised never to fight again.

  • Alma the Younger: I’m named after my father, the prophet. My friends and I made bad choices. But then we repented and became missionaries.

  • The Queen: I protected my husband when others thought he was dead. After I learned about God, my servant Abish helped me stand and teach others.

  • Captain Moroni: I was captain of the Nephite army, but I didn’t like hurting people. I made the title of liberty to remind people of what was most important to protect.

  • Stripling Warriors: We learned about faith from our mothers. When we needed to protect our families, we trusted that God would help us. And He did!

  • Aaron: I’m one of the sons of Mosiah. On my mission, I taught the father and mother of King Lamoni. Then they created laws protecting missionaries in their lands.

  • Amalickiah: I wanted to be king so badly! I poisoned the Lamanite chief and took over his army. I tried to convince people to fight and hurt each other.

  • The Maidservant: When someone hurt me, I was brave enough to tell someone about it and ask for help. I worked with Captain Moroni to protect his people.

Illustrations by Jeff Harvey