How do I decide whether to serve a mission?
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“How do I decide whether to serve a mission?” Liahona, December 2019

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How do I decide whether to serve a mission?

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Be Willing to Sincerely Ask

Missions really aren’t for everyone, but what is for everyone is honestly finding out if a mission is for you! Sometimes we don’t want to go, so we just don’t even ask or we ask without giving the Spirit room to really answer. We must ask in sincerity! If you find your answer through honest seeking, you will have peace and confidence in whatever the Lord tells you to do—to stay or to go.

Ali B., age 22, Utah, USA


One of the things that helped me decide to serve a mission was to learn about and experience true repentance. As I studied about the Savior’s Atonement and applied what I learned in my life, I felt indescribable peace. As I felt this, I wanted others to feel the same peace.

Elder Berdejo, age 21, Arequipa, Peru

Stay in Touch with the Lord

Heavenly Father can give you your answer through the scriptures, a General Authority’s message, or even just from someone else’s testimony. So you can get your inspiration from just staying in touch with the Lord.

Samuel H., age 14, Utah, USA

Remember He Will Answer You

Before I came on a mission, I struggled to know whether I should go. Eventually I decided to ask Heavenly Father, who truly knows everything we go through and knows if we need to serve a mission. Through prayer I received a confirmation that I needed to go. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers. Go to Him with your questions, and He will answer you according to your faith and His will and timing.

Sister Terpend, age 21, Jamaica Kingston Mission

Look to Your Family and Patriarchal Blessing

My family and my patriarchal blessing helped me decide. My sister is currently serving a mission, and her example and testimony of missionary work has inspired me. My desire to serve also became stronger when I received my patriarchal blessing, which said I would be able to share the gospel with others.

Juliana P., age 16, Nevada, USA