Martín’s Favorite Toys
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“Martín’s Favorite Toys,” Liahona, December 2019

Martín’s Favorite Toys

“Give, then, as Jesus gives; there is something all can give” (Children’s Songbook, 236).

Liahona Magazine, 2019/12 Dec

Martín felt sad when his parents told him the family was moving to a different city in Colombia. He didn’t want to leave his friends, his home, and the place he grew up in. Instead of cool mountain air, Martín would now live close to the ocean with hot, humid air all year round. He would trade hot soups for cold drinks, and coats for shorts. Add to that a new school, a new ward, and a new Primary class. It all seemed pretty scary.

One day Mom and Dad asked Martín how he felt about the move.

“I don’t like it,” Martín said. “I don’t want everything to change.”

“I know moving can be hard,” Dad said. “Lots of things will change, but not everything. You’ll still have us!”

“That’s true,” Martín said.

“And you will still have your things,” Mom said.

Martín thought about that for a minute. He would still have his clothes, his shoes, and other things he was familiar with at his old house—especially his toys. Martín was glad he could take his favorite toys. He packed them away extra carefully when they moved.

After a while, Martín started to get used to his new home and new city. He was glad the move wasn’t as hard or scary as he thought it would be.

Then one Sunday, when his family went to church, Martín noticed a lot of people he had never seen before. Primary was full of new kids. He wondered where they came from. He heard people he knew talk about donating food, clothes, and shoes. After church, Martín asked Mom about all the new people.

“They had to leave their country,” Mom said. “Many of them left everything behind, so now they don’t have anything.”

“So that’s why everyone wants to help them?” Martín asked.

“That’s right. Jesus taught us that we should help people who are in need. We can follow His example and share what we have.”

Martín thought that would be a nice thing to do.

Then Mom said, “Many of the Primary kids only have what they could fit in a backpack. They had to leave their toys behind. Do you think you have some toys you could give?”

“No! Those are my toys!” Martín said. He turned and ran to his room.

Martín looked around his room with tears in his eyes. He didn’t want to give away his toys. He’d brought them all the way from his old house!

He went to his toy box and looked inside. He saw his toy truck, his yo-yo, his trompo (spinning top), his best bag of marbles, and lots of his other favorite toys. He liked them all. He couldn’t give any of them away!

Then Martín thought, “What if I had to leave my home and my favorite toys behind?”

A few minutes later, he came up to Mom with his arms full of toys—not just any old toys—but the ones he always played with.

Mom looked surprised. “You don’t have to give away your favorite toys.”

Martín set the toys on the floor. “The other kids had favorite toys too,” he said. “I want them to have mine so they can be a little happier.”

Mom gave Martín a hug. “I’m so proud of you.”

Martín had a warm feeling inside. He knew giving to others is what Jesus would do, and that made him happy.