Organizational Changes Focus on Strengthening Youth
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Organizational Changes Focus on Strengthening Youth

As part of the effort to further enable the youth of the Church to reach their divine potential, adjustments in the Young Men and Young Women organizations were announced at the October 2019 general conference by President Russell M. Nelson (see page 38) and explained by Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (see page 40) and Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, Young Women General President (see page 67).

These changes emphasize that a bishop’s “first and foremost responsibility is to care for the young men and young women of his ward,” President Nelson said. Changes include discontinuing ward Young Men presidencies. The bishopric, as the presidency of the Aaronic Priesthood, will be assisted by quorum advisers and in some cases specialists. The ward Young Women president will report directly to the bishop.

Quorum and class presidencies will focus on the work of salvation, including member missionary work, convert retention, activation, temple and family history work, and teaching the gospel. Youth quorum and class presidents plan and conduct Sunday meetings, service projects, and other activities.

Activities for youth are no longer called “Mutual” but can be called “Young Women activities,” “Aaronic Priesthood quorum activities,” or “youth activities.” Budget allowances for youth activities should be divided with equal proportions, according to the number of youth in each organization.

The Young Women theme has been revised, and the number of Young Women classes should be organized according to the number and needs of the young women. Classes will be named “Young Women,” followed by the ages of those in the class, such as “Young Women 12–14,” or simply “Young Women” if all meet together. The names “Beehive,” “Mia Maid,” and “Laurel” will no longer be used.

A member of the stake high council will serve as the stake Young Men president, and the stake Young Men presidency will serve on the stake Aaronic Priesthood–Young Women committee with the stake Young Women presidency, the high councilor assigned to the Young Women, and the high councilor assigned to Primary.

In other changes, Relief Society, Young Women, Young Men, Primary, and Sunday School will be referred to as “organizations” rather than “auxiliaries,” and leaders will be referred to as “General Officers” at the Churchwide level and as “stake officers” and “ward officers” at the local level.