Hello from Cambodia!
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“Hello from Cambodia!” Liahona, July 2019

Hello from Cambodia!

Liahona Magazine, 2019/07 Jul

Hi, I’m Paolo. And this is Margo.

We’re visiting Cambodia. Here’s what we’ve learned!

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia. About 16 million people live there, with about 14,000 Church members.

Here’s a Cambodian Book of Mormon. The Cambodian language is called Khmer (kuh-MY). Its alphabet has 74 letters—the most of any alphabet in the world!

These Church members are greeting each other in the traditional Cambodian way, called sampeah. The higher your hands are, the more respect you show.

Most kids in Cambodia get to school and church by riding a motorcycle with a parent. Or they might take a tuk tuk—a carriage pulled by a motorcycle.

A lot of Cambodian foods use prahok, a sour and salty fish paste. These Church members made a big pot of soup to eat together at the stake center between general conference sessions.

Many Primary children in Cambodia are the only Christians at their school. That’s because most people in Cambodia practice a religion called Buddhism. Their religion teaches them to be honest, peaceful, and wise. Here’s a famous Buddhist monument in Cambodia that people from all over the world visit.

Last year President Nelson announced that Cambodia’s first temple would be built in Phnom Penh, the capital city! The temple will help families like this one be sealed together forever.

Thanks for exploring Cambodia with us. See you next time!