Full of Good Works
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“Full of Good Works,” Liahona, July 2019

Full of Good Works

Liahona Magazine, 2019/07 Jul

These three women from the New Testament helped people. Read what they did; then match the pictures. What can you do to help someone today?

  • Priscilla and her husband made tents for a living. She taught about the gospel with her husband. They may have held Church meetings in their home. (See Acts 18:26.)

  • Lydia sold purple dye. She felt the Spirit and decided to be baptized. She gave the disciples a place to stay in her home while they were traveling. (See Acts 16:14–15.)

  • Tabitha gave to the poor and sewed clothes and coats for those in need. After she died, Peter raised her from the dead. (See Acts 9:36, 39–40.)