Elijah and the Widow

    “Elijah and the Widow,” Liahona, September 2018

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    Elijah and the Widow

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    A prophet named Elijah warned the people that there would be a famine. It would not rain, and plants wouldn’t grow. During the famine, Elijah drank water from a creek. God sent birds to bring him food. But then the creek dried up. God told Elijah to find a woman in town, and she would feed him.

    Elijah found the woman gathering sticks for a fire. Elijah asked her for something to eat. The woman said she only had a little flour and oil left to feed herself and her son.

    The prophet promised that if she shared her food with him, she would not run out. The widow had faith in the prophet Elijah and shared her food.

    Each day, there was enough food for them to eat. It was a miracle! Then the widow’s son got sick and died, but Elijah brought him back to life. The woman was blessed for listening to the prophet.

    I am blessed when I listen to the prophet.