Caring and Sharing

    “Caring and Sharing,” Liahona, September 2018

    Shine Your Light

    Caring and Sharing

    caring and sharing

    Malo e lelei! I’m Lui, and I shine my light by sharing what I have with others.

    A Big Island and a Big Family

    I live on a big island in Tonga. I have six sisters and four brothers, and I live close to the Nuku’alofa Tonga Temple.

    A Science Lover

    We have many beautiful plants and animals on our island. I’m in class four at the Ocean of Light Primary School, and science is my favorite subject.

    Sharing Our Food

    My father grows crops, so we have plenty to eat. But many widows (women whose husbands have died) and other families don’t have their own crops. So my parents take them some of ours. I like going along to help!

    Helping with Husks

    The widows we visit use coconut husks to make fires to cook their food. When we take food to them, I always remind my parents to take coconut husks too. I help load the husks into the van and unload them when we get to the widows’ houses.

    Blessings of Helping

    Heavenly Father gives me great blessings when I help others—not blessings of money but blessings of wisdom and knowledge. I always want to help and share what I have with others.