Ruth Was a Loyal Friend

“Ruth Was a Loyal Friend,” Liahona, July 2018

Old Testament Hero Card

Ruth Was a Loyal Friend

Liahona Magazine, 2018/07 Jul

A woman named Naomi lived with her two sons and their wives. When both sons died, Naomi told their wives that they could move back with their own families. But one of the wives, Ruth, was very loyal. She chose to stay and help take care of Naomi. Ruth went to gather grain from a nearby field. The owner had heard what a good person Ruth was. He was kind to Ruth. Ruth decided to marry him. Ruth and Naomi stayed good friends, and Naomi helped care for Ruth’s son. Years later, Jesus was born into this family line. That means Ruth was one of Jesus’s ancestors!


Ruth chose to be a loyal friend, and I can too!

  • Memorize Ruth 1:16.

  • To be loyal means to support someone even when it is hard. Write in your journal about a time someone was loyal to you.

  • Make a new friend this week. Learn three fun things about them!

  • I can be a good friend by …