A Friend and a Missionary
July 2018

“A Friend and a Missionary,” Liahona, July 2018

Shine Your Light

A Friend and a Missionary

A Friend and a Missionary

Hi! My name is Juan Bautista, and I’m from Argentina. I shine my light by sharing the gospel.

Best Friends

My best friend Facundo and I have known each other since we were five. We both love football! I invited him to a lot of Church activities.

Facundo’s First Question

Once when Facundo was having dinner with us, he asked, “Why does your family always pray?” I said it’s because Heavenly Father blesses us, and this is how we thank Him. He was amazed!

Family Home Evening

Facundo came to a family home evening when my brother Benjamin was getting ready for baptism. Facundo felt the Spirit, and he asked if he could get baptized too! My father then talked to Facundo’s parents.

The missionaries taught Facundo’s family. Then Facundo and his sister Augustine both got baptized! His parents come to church, but they haven’t been baptized yet.

Facundo’s Second Question

Facundo asked my mom if he would ever know as much as I do about God. She smiled and said that if he studies his scriptures and prays, he could learn even more!