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“Our Space,” Liahona, December 2017

Our Space

Making New Friends


When my parents told me that my family was going to move, I was very excited to make new friends. When we arrived in our new city, we went to church. I could feel the Spirit very strongly there, and I knew things would go well.

Soon after, I began at my new school. I was one of the only Mormons in the school. When I walked in, I felt very out of place. I could tell I was different from the other students.

Over the first week or so, I tried to make friends. But I felt so awkward! I tried sitting by different people each class and eating lunch at different tables every day. It didn’t seem like I was making any progress.

I decided to strive to be a better example to my peers. I focused on Personal Progress and diligent scripture study. As I worked hard, I realized more fully that I am a daughter of God and that He loves me.

As time went by and I continued to do these things, I noticed something: I had begun to make friends at school. It was almost like people were drawn to me. They commented on how I stood out. I realized that it was because I was letting my light shine. I had different mannerisms than my classmates. I dressed modestly, I used good language, and I was kind to others.

We are all children of God. I’m so grateful that I let my light shine, even though I felt out of place. I know that we are never alone if we are on the Lord’s side!

Rebekah C., Prince Edward Island, Canada

Could I Share the Book of Mormon?

During Mutual, we were given an assignment to become missionaries by getting a companion, sharing our testimonies with a nonmember, and giving our nonmember friend a copy of the Book of Mormon.

After Mutual, I asked my mother for some advice. She promised me that if I prayed in faith and asked Heavenly Father, He would surely answer.

It took me two weeks to find someone who would accept the Book of Mormon. At first, I was rejected again and again. I was so tired of getting hurt that I was about to give up.

One night, I had a dream about a woman who was a close friend to my family. As I dreamed, I realized that she was the one for me and my companion to visit. When I woke up, I thanked the Lord for helping me.

At the next Mutual, my companion and I wrote our testimonies on the front page of the book and made a fruit basket for the woman. We went to her house, knocked on her door, and waited. Even though I was scared that she might reject it, I told myself to have a little faith. She finally came outside with a happy face and accepted the Book of Mormon.

Through this experience, I learned that when you have a little faith and you know that Heavenly Father is there, you can easily feel that the impossible is possible.

Rapunzel L., American Samoa

My Vacation from Piano Lessons


One week, I decided to declare a holiday from practicing the piano. My piano teacher did not authorize this holiday and neither did my mom. For a full week I didn’t practice. I thought it was great because I had a good time relaxing and doing other things.

The fun stopped on Thursday night, when my mom reminded me that my piano lesson was the next morning. I thought I had a solution: I woke up an hour earlier and started to practice. But I realized that my efforts were too little, too late. I had enjoyed the freedom to choose, but I hadn’t considered the consequences.

The next morning when I met with my teacher, the consequences started to unfold. I had to admit that I hadn’t practiced, and my teacher told me I should make up all the practice time I missed, in addition to my regular practice time.

I am grateful for the lessons I learned about agency, responsibility, and accountability. Every choice has a consequence, and I learned that I will make better decisions if I take time to consider the consequences first.

Blake H., Utah, USA